About Clinidirect

Clinidirect is an innovative online solution for healthcare professionals, patients, carers and all visitors who want to benefit from medical tips, advice or just wish to express their views and opinions amongst an online community. Here at Clinidirect, we are dedicated to providing caring and reliable solutions to all our customers’ healthcare needs.


Clinidirect is a registered online and mail order Pharmacy offering NHS services such as dispensing of prescriptions as well as healthcare products delivered direct to your home or office. We are able to offer a nationwide prescription collection and delivery service by working with your GP saving you time and worry with organising your prescription ordering.

We have an NHS pharmacy contract with NHS England and our business and pharmacy premises are based in Harrow. We are regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council and are a member of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). We source all our products from UK wholesalers and operate from registered premises which are routinely inspected to ensure safe pharmacy practice as well as storage and delivery of medicines.

Our qualified pharmacists ensure our services operate to the highest professional standards, are able to provide expert advice in healthcare and can help you make the most of taking your medicines.


Clinidirect operates a highly secure shop offering its customers a range of high quality products including travel essentials and specialist skin management products. Our in house security measures ensure information you enter to make payments are all kept fully secure. To offer our customers increased choice, Clinidirect will look to continuously update the products listed.

Travel Medication

The Clinidirect travel section offers a travel health service, providing the option to purchase over-the-counter health products (sunscreen, insect repellent, bite and sting relief and other essential travel products) and dispense NHS and private prescriptions.

One of the key aspects of the Travel section of the website is the Online Doctor Consultation service, which allows for the dispensing of private prescriptions for travel medication direct to patients. Some Malaria and anti diarrhoea medication require a private prescription from a UK registered doctor in order to be dispensed.

Clinidirect also offers value adding services to both patients and healthcare professionals, in the form of:

  • Regional travel tips, including what medication and travel health products to take on holiday (broken down by continent and country)
  • Education: product instruction videos and documents (PDF downloads), disease management, therapies and treatment
  • Professional community platform with networking forum to engage with KOLs, share best practice and discuss topical issues

The Clinidirect travel section will also look to offer travel packs for individual countries, these packs will include the recommended products for that country. For example African countries will include Malaria medication, anti-diarrhoea medication, sunscreen, insect repellent, bite and sting relief.

Users will be able to indicate what country they are travelling to and then select the required medication needed for that country. This is all achieved at the users convenience be that home, work or on the go...no need to visit doctors surgeries and pharmacies.

Knowledge Centre

Our aim is for the Clinidirect Knowledge Centre to become a leading information resource for healthcare professional, patients and carers.

The Clinidirect Knowledge Centre currently provides information and articles on Urinary Incontinence and Woundcare in a series of informative chapters. Clinidirect will also look to develop new information for a variety of differing disease states.

Overtime new resources will be added to provide educational support in a range of different media formats.


Our online community discussion forums give every registered member of the Clinidirect website a platform for them to openly interact with medical professionals and other people in conversations surrounding the world of healthcare.

Express views, share best practices and get tips from members all over the world on any healthcare related topic you can think of.

Customer Care Team

Our Customer Care team are friendly, helpful, trained advisers with considerable experience of products and services. They are supported by a team of nursing professionals who provide expert clinical advice and assistance.

We offer a wide range of support to patients, health care professional or customers including:

  • Answering queries and offering advice
  • Putting you in touch with help lines and specialist associates
  • Sending out updates on products and service developments

Corporate Information

Clinidirect is owned by Clinidirect Ltd and operates from our registered pharmacy premises in Harrow, London.

Clinidirect Ltd
Qualitas House
100 Elmgrove Rd, Harrow

Telephone: 0800 012 6779
Email: info@clinidirectpharmacy.co.uk

Registered Superintendent Pharmacist:
Jitendra Sheth – Registration number 2043491

GPhC registration number: 1117967
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