Golden facts about urine

11 December 2013

1.       The word “urine” is from the Latin urina, which is from the variant of the Proto-Indo-European root *awer, meaning “to moisten, flow.”

2.       Jellyfish stings are commonly believed to be relieved by the application of urine.

3.       17th Century diarist Samuel Pepys records the use of urine as a cosmetic treatment for women.

4.       Scientists may have found a method of converting our pee into a source of renewable energy.

5.       In the 16th Century, urine was used by some physicians as a disinfectant for the treatment of serious wounds.

6.       Some horticulturists recommend the use of urine in the garden as a natural fertiliser - the nitrogen helps enrich compost.

7.       Some women in ancient Rome drank turpentine (which can be poisonous) because it made their urine smell like roses.

8.       Ancient Roman spies used urine as invisible ink to write secrets between the lines of their official documents, hence the saying: “read between the lines.” The messages appeared only when heated.

9.       It would take a dozen mice one entire day to fill a tablespoon with urine.

10.   American pioneers treated earaches by pouring warm urine in their ears and then plugging them with cloth.

11.   An elephant can urinate more than 13 gallons per day.

12.   European bakers used urine to help their bread rise before they discovered yeast.

13.   Reindeer drink urine because salt is rare in their harsh climate. In fact, when Siberian sled masters want to gather their reindeer to hook up to the sled, they urinate to attract the reindeer – Santa, take note!

14.   Eskimos used to use a handful of grass that had been saturated with urine to clean their teeth after eating.

15.   Snakes do not have urine bladders, so their urine is voided as soon as it is made.

16.   In Ancient Rome, people would rinse their mouths with urine to whiten their teeth. An 18th-century French physician, Pierre Fauchard (the father of modern dentistry), recommended urine to relieve a toothache.

17.   Urine was used to make gunpowder during the Civil War.

18.   In the 16th century, the English and Dutch used to toast someone’s health by drinking urine.

19.   Forty-five percent of people urinate in the shower.

20.   One in five adults admits to urinating in swimming pools. Red eyes associated with swimming are not caused by chlorine. They are caused by chloramine, a chemical that is created when urine combines with the chlorine already in the pool. In fact, the more strong smelling a pool is, the more contaminated it is!

To be continued….

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