Poo, glorious poo!

16 December 2013

Apologies in advance if you are of a delicate disposition but this has to be done. Last week I gave you facts about urine, now interesting facts about poo!

 I do this in memory of a colleague who sadly left this world two years ago and had a passion for poo (well… solving problems in children who had problems with poo actually).

The following facts are taken from ‘The Book of Poo – A Spotters Guide’ by J Richman and A Sheth, who both had, according to the book, healthy bowel movements.


Did you know ………?

·         That the average person passes wind ten times per day

·         That King Louis XIV of France regularly held official meetings while sitting on his ‘throne’

·         Deja poo – this poo may resemble what you have previously eaten and may be a variety of colours

·         That the largest dinosaur poo ever excavated measured 65cm in length!

·         That Ancient Egyptian tombs had special toilet chambers for the pharaohs to use on the way to the afterlife

·         That Rabbits can produce more than 500 poo pellets per day

·         That Geese poo once every twelve minutes

·         That Thomas Crapper, a 19th century plumber, is incorrectly credited with inventing the toilet but the first flush toilet was actually designed by Sir John Harrington in 1596

·         Gift poo – poo that people have left behind in toilets without flushing

·         And finally……….with the festive season upon us prepare for the D.A.D.S. – the day-after-drinking-stool.: Alcohol speeds up the bowel so you may need to be near a toilet for some time!

So if you are looking for a stocking filler, this book is the perfect gift for someone ‘with a deadpan humour’ or for ‘sad’ specialist nurses like me! Denise…the legacy continues x

The Book of Poo – A Spotter’s Guide by Josh Richman and Dr Anish Sheth (2007)

 ISBN 9780091917821

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