Emptying and changing a urine leg drainage bag

28 June 2013

Q10. How do I empty my leg bag?

A10. There are two common taps in use. The ‘T’ tap which pushes open or closed from side to side or the ‘lever’ tap which is when you open the lever downwards towards your foot to open it and drain and then upwards towards your bladder to close it again. Which type you use is your choice, both work well.  Prior to emptying your leg bag, adjust your clothing so that it is clear from the tap end. Wash your hands and then with the tap over the place you are emptying the urine into (e.g. toilet/commode/jug/urinal) gently open the tap. When it has finished draining, have a piece of clean toilet roll to dab any drops of urine from the tap end, replace your clothing. Flush the toilet or empty the other receptacle when able and wash your hands again after the procedure as you would if you had just used a toilet normally. Some taps tuck away at the side of the bag so do this when you have finished to keep it out of the way


Q11. How often do I empty my leg bag?

A11. You should empty your bag before it is full. About ¾ full is ideal or before if you are going out, about to attach it to your night drainage bag or to put on a new bag. If you allow the bag to get too full it may drag on your catheter and cause damage to your bladder neck or urethra. Remember – you should wash your hands prior to doing this and after.


Q12. How often do I change my leg bag?

A12. The leg bag can be worn for between 5-7 days. If your catheter is used to instil medication into your bladder or you use catheter maintenance solutions then you should always apply a fresh bag after the procedure. If you change a leg bag more often than you need to then you are at risk of contamination, this could go on to cause a urine infection. Some urine drainage bags, such as Prosys, include a pair of sterile gloves inside the packet for you to use when changing the bag.

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27/04/2014 17:58

This is the fourth time in as many months that I have tried to pull the urine bag out of my aqua sleeve and the tap has come loose from the bag and I have had to grab the spout that is left while it releases urine all over my trousers and shoe. A completely useless item which I will not be using again.