Top 5 Travel Safety Tips for Your Business Trip to Nigeria

12 August 2013

Most business trips to Nigeria in Western Africa are more likely to go without incident if sensible and appropriate precautions are taken – both before departure and whilst you’re away. From malaria prevention to keeping your valuables safe, here are the top 5 travel safety tips to ensure your business trip to Nigeria runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Choose your mode of transport carefully

If you’re travelling to Nigeria on business it’s advisable to avoid public transport such as buses and unlicensed minivans. Instead either confirm your transport arrangements for the duration of your stay with your travel agent before you leave, or arrange cars with your hotel on arrival. 

It goes without saying not to walk around late at night on your own, but it’s also good advice not to wander around alone and on foot in unfamiliar parts of Nigeria’s towns and cities in the daytime either.

2. Stay hydrated and stay cool

Because of its location just north of the equator Nigeria experiences consistently high temperatures all year round. It might sound obvious but no matter what time of the year you visit, the climate will inevitably be much hotter than what you’re used to, and you should take certain precautions to stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of bottled water throughout your trip is an absolute must. As a side tip, wearing an undershirt will keep you cool and is also a great way of ensuring you remain presentable by the time you reach that all-important business meeting.

3. Keep your valuables (and yourself) out of harm’s way

As a business visitor, the city centre and the main business districts will likely be the main focus of your stay in Nigeria and, as with any new city, it helps to remain vigilant. There are often additional security issues to consider in Nigeria’s busy towns and cities, so be extra vigilant with your valuables and personal safety when on the move.

Keep your valuables hidden – talk on your mobile phone in the hotel and keep that briefcase or purse firmly out of reach. Keep important travel documents and most of your cash locked up in your hotel room or a safe. Practicing simple safety measures like these should mean that you avoid the most common threats and complications during your business trip to Nigeria.

4. Take malaria prevention tablets and get vaccinated

It’s recommended that you check with your GP for up to date advice on whether you require any travel vaccinations up to eight weeks before you travel. The NHS Fit for Travel website is also a good resource for up-to-date travel health advice.

Malaria is a real and everyday threat in many parts of Africa and Nigeria is no different. If you’re visiting on business (or for any other reason) you will need to take preventative measures against it. The good news is that you can buy malaria prevention tablets online these days, and if you need any further information a malaria prevention consultation can also be arranged.

5. Prepare to go to battle with mosquitoes

On that note, and as in most tropical regions of the world, mosquitoes in Nigeria will annoy, bite and in some cases cause such nasty illnesses as malaria, as mentioned above. The malaria prevention methods described are advisable but you can also dramatically reduce the likelihood of getting bitten in the first place with the a few commonplace deterrents. 

You can protect yourself at night by wearing long sleeves and trousers and using a mosquito net if necessary. Spraying yourself with an insect repellent that contains DEET, such as those in the Jungle Formula range, can also dramatically reduce your chances of a bite. 


Like with any business trip to unfamiliar places, things may not always go to plan during your time in Nigeria. However if you follow the above tips, learn about malaria prevention and exercise caution when it comes to keeping yourself and your valuables safe, you can considerably reduce the risk of your business trip turning sour.


Kirsty Stuart is a travel blogger and freelance writer from London who has blogged for some of the biggest names in travel. She writes for online businesses as well as other writers and travel bloggers at kirsytstuart.com/blog and is currently planning a trip to India and Thailand.

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