‘I’m not incontinent but I leak a bit’ - Part 2

15 October 2013

Following on from my last blog subject ‘I’m not incontinent but I leak a bit’ I would like to encourage ladies who are experiencing bladder problems to seek advice and support.

Last month, NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) launched an update of guidelines originally released in 2006 that provide information on managing urinary incontinence in women aged over 18 years.  The guideline offers evidence-based advice on the care and treatment of women with urinary incontinence.

The guideline is not only provided for healthcare professionals but for the general public and can be viewed here. The website provides access to advice on making decisions about treatment, ways of managing bladder problems and lifestyle changes. Most importantly there is a section on ‘questions to ask about urinary incontinence’ which may help when you go to see a healthcare professional for the first time. I always advise patients to write questions down that they want to ask as anxiety and embarrassment can make it difficult to remember.

Here is a sample of the questions listed:

·         What sort of urinary incontinence do I have?

·         What are the pros and cons of this treatment?

·         What options do I have other than the recommended treatment?

·         When should I start to see an improvement?

Please be aware the information listed on NICE only applies to people using the NHS in England and Wales. 

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