An NHS prescription is a prescription form (also known as an FP10) issued to a patient by prescribers registered within the National Health Service. 

If you live in England and pay for your NHS prescription, you will need to pay the standard NHS prescription charge which is currently £8.40 per item (as of 1st April 2016). As our online pharmacy is based in England, NHS prescription charges and rules for England will still apply if you live in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Please contact the Pharmacy team on FREEPHONE 0800 012 6779 for further information. 

You can get free NHS prescriptions if, at the time the prescription is dispensed, you:

You are also entitled to free prescriptions if you or your partner (including civil partners) are named on, or are entitled to, an NHS tax credit exemption certificate or a valid HC2 certificate (full help with health costs), or you receive either:


The costs for paying patient for their prescriptions within the English NHS are as follows:

Prescription costs as of April 1st 2016

*Please note the above information has been obtained from the NHS. For more information please visit: